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Future Bedouin founded by Alex Olszewska is a dynamic creative powerhouse that combines luxury, art, and culture to craft unforgettable experiences.
With our expert touch to curate opulent content, produce stunning public art installations, foster cultural placemaking, and orchestrate awe-inspiring events. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every venture they embark upon
is an extraordinary journey of refined aesthetics, cultural appreciation,
and immersive storytelling.

We believe that a great design and a compelling story are two sides of the same coin and are essential to building a brand's identity. From the initial conceptualization to the final polishing, listening to our clients' needs is our topmost priority. We merge inspiration from the world of art with market research and analysis to create a distinctive projects for each business.


Gucci / Mercedes Benz / Emaar / Snapchat / Vogue / Tiffany&Co / Meta / Coach / Disney / Royal Caribbean
Balenciaga / Lancome / Nike


HIA Mag / 2023

GQ Arabia / 2023

Elle Arabia / 2023

HP Arabia / 2023

Khaleej Times / 2023

Lookbook / 2023

Vogue Poland / 2023

Canvas Magazine / 2023

Error Page / 2023

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