Future Bedouin is like a magic carpet ride, bringing the beauty of the Middle East to life through art. We love mixing the old with the new – just like the nomadic Bedouin lifestyle. Born far away and now based in Dubai, Future Bedouin's heart beats with the vibrant cultures and traditions of the Middle East.

Started by a creative mind, Future Bedouin is not just art; it's a colorful blend of graphic design, illustration, visuals and large scale public art installations. Imagine Arabic themes, Islamic art, and the untouched desert beauty all coming together in one creative space. You can spot Future Bedouin's awesome designs in magazines, exhibitions and many public spaces across Middle East, Europe, United States and Asia.

We love to play with different techniques and materials, pushing the limits of what art can be. The goal? To use art as a language that speaks to everyone, building bridges between different cultures and celebrating the amazing diversity of the Middle East