Pink Majlis

Pink Majlis

Situated prominently at the heart of the Hia Hub conference, the largest fashion and design event in the Middle East, was an inflatable installation inspired by the traditional Arabic majlis. This unique creation seamlessly blended traditional elements with modern design, offering a captivating experience for attendees.

Adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant colors reminiscent of Arabic craftsmanship, the inflatable structure provided a visually striking centerpiece for the event. Inside, guests found a welcoming space furnished with comfortable seating arrangements and soft lighting, conducive to relaxed conversations and networking.

Throughout the duration of the conference, the inflatable majlis served as a focal point, drawing in visitors and fostering connections among industry professionals and enthusiasts. It symbolized a convergence of tradition and innovation, reflecting the dynamic spirit of the fashion and design scene in the Middle East.

As attendees explored the Hia Hub conference, they encountered this inflatable homage to the Arabic majlis, leaving with a deeper appreciation for the region's cultural heritage and the creative possibilities it inspires.